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Mint condition 4 Channel DJ Mixer with Midi & USB support from Ecler (Spain). We are an authorized ECLER Service Center.  This unit includes a 30 Day In-House Warranty.


The NUO4 is a revolutionary 4 channel professional DJ mixer featuring MIDI control of external devices via USB or MIDI. It features a total of 89 different MIDI commands that can be fully edited with the ECLER Control4Lab software (included).

  • 3 band full cut EQ
  • Extra large ergonomic EQ knobs
  • FX Send control per channel with Pre/Post fader selector
  • Master FX Send, FX Return and FX PFL control
  • Fully assignable crossfader
  • 60mm long life VCA faders
  • 45mm long life VCA crossfader
  • Fader and crossfader shape adjustment
  • Crossfader Reverse and Cut-In
  • Crossfader suitable for ETERNAL™

The NUO4 endorses artists like Satoshi Tomiie, Funk D'Void or John Acquaviva to name a few.

The NUO4 received the REMIX 2005 Technology Award in America.

The NUO4 simply features today’s best analog components available in the market. The circuit boards of the NUO4 have been designed with the latest generation of Surface Mounting Technology (SMD). The line faders are 60mm high-end professional slide potentiometers and employs an oversized internal power supply providing the best sound dynamics and rating the most excellent signal/noise ratio.

The NUO4 features 89 different MIDI messages through channels 2 and 3, and the combination of 4 rotary and push encoders, 4 switches, a 3 position layout and an A/B bank selector. The NUO4 allows the DJ to control external devices in a very intuitive and ergonomic manner. It opens a new world of possibilities, making software friendly user tools like traditional turntables and CD players.

The NUO4 includes the Control 4 Lab software which allows to program all controls to your choice. Thus the deejay can adapt the MIDI message of each button to the function to control in the external device. All your presets can be saved and load into the mixer, allowing the deejay to adapt the MIDI control panel to each specific application. It features an innovative labelling system for you to identify the MIDI control commands previously programmed. The Control 4 Lab CD includes files for printing labels that later on are placed into a magnet for customizing the MIDI control panel. Extra large ergonomic knobs for a better tone control. Three band equalization with an adjustment range of -30dB to 10dB for bass and treble frequencies and -25dB to 10dB for mid frequencies. This powerful equalization system allows to completely cut off the frequency bands and gives and incredible versatility to the mix on stage. The NUO4 features shape adjustment in faders and crossfaders allowing deejays to accommodate all music styles: from the sharpest curves for scratch to the smooth shapes for soft house music transitions. It also features crossfader cut in time adjustment, as well as reverse mode in crossfader and channels 1 and 4 to take your scratch mixes to the next level. Last but not least, the NUO4 is also suitable for installing the optional award winning ETERNAL inductive crossfader, based on a contact less magnetic field control.