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Tilting tier for Gravity X-type keyboard stands Upgrade your keyboard stand by attaching a second tier for an additional keyboard. The universal and easy-to-use mounting and adjustment options require no tools whatsoever. The tilting angle of the tier is adjustable in fine, incremental steps; markings on both arms help in finding the right angle. The tier is compatible with tubes measuring an inner diameter of at least 20 mm.

Item No.: GKSX2T

  • Simple to install
  • Easy adjustment
  • Variable tilting angle
  • Compact


Product type Stands and Tripods
Type Keyboard stands
Material Steel
Surface Powder coated
Color Black
Number of supports 1
Max. support depth 400 mm
Support arm spacing adjustment range 490 - 740 mm
Max height 300 mm
Max load (each support) 15 kg
Suitable for inner tube diameter 20 - 30 mm
Interchangeable rings 2 x 15 mm, 2 x 30 mm
Black ring pack included Yes
Weight 1,8 kg