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If you are a rental or installation company, DJ, or solo entertainer, you have almost certainly experienced this or a similar situation: You need two spotlights to illuminate a specific area. As a professional, you aspire to make your construction discreet and attractive. Ideally, it should not attract attention. There are slimline, elegant stands for this, such as the LS 331 B from Gravity. However, if you install a standard T-bar, the combination appears clumsy and oversized. 

The LS SUPER TB 01 Super Mini T-Bar provides the appropriate solution for this problem. With its elegant construction and adjustable width of 390-570 mm, it blends seamlessly into any environment, even museums and galleries. Thanks to the 17-mm TV spigot insert, lamps can be easily clicked into position, removing the tedious requirement of securing them with screws and wing nuts. Its flexible design enables lamps to be attached upright to the bar or suspended from it. However, despite its slimline elegance, there has been no compromise to the ruggedness of the LS SUPER TB 01: the maximum symmetrical load capacity is 20 kg per side. The spigot interval is adjustable from 330 to 515 mm. And if you need another spot or two, extra spigot inserts can be installed in the additional mounting holes.

As you are probably already aware, ergonomic locking screws, interchangeable color rings, and high-quality workmanship come standard with all Gravity products. The integrated Allen key holder is a small extra feature that makes this T-bar even more user-friendly.

Versions: Super Mini

  • Width adjustable from 390-570 mm
  • 17 mm TV spigot insert
  • Lamps can be attached from above or below
  • Compatible with all 35-mm stands
  • Built-in Allen key holder



Product type Lighting Stands
Type Stands and Tripod Accessories
Material Die-cast aluminium, Steel
Surface Powder coated
Color Black
Fitting Clamping screw 36 mm
Length 390 - 570 mm
Stud spacing 330 - 515 mm
Max. load capacity 2 x 20 kg kg, Balanced kg
Weight 1,56 kg