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Every musical era has a characteristic stage look, from the amplifier walls of the 1970s to the modern high-gloss LED stage. One element, however, never changes the microphone stand. This must offer three benefits: a stable stand, quick and easy adjustability, and a compact transport size. The new Gravity® MS 43 DT B scores in all disciplines.

Folded up, the MS 43 DT B measures only 62 cm; fully extended, the tripod stand reaches a maximum height of 161 cm. The reason for this flexibility lies in the integrated double extension, which enables both a compact transport height and the maximum set-up height and also ensures the high stability of the entire construction.

Additional stability is provided by the powder-coated steel tubes and the sturdy stand, which, unlike most compact microphone stands, is not made of plastic but of robust zinc die-cast.

The ergonomic height adjustment and alignment of the MS 43 DT B are carried out via the Gravity adjusting screw, which has proven itself on live stages and in the studio alike and is made of highly resistant ABS with a non-slip soft-touch coating.

Item No.: GMS43DTB

  • Robust steel construction
  • Flexible double extension
  • Maximum set-up height: 161 cm
  • Compact transport size: 62 cm
  • Sturdy die-cast zinc base

    Product Type Stands and Tripods
    Type Microphone Stands
    Tube material Steel
    Tubing color Black
    Tubing surface Powder-coated
    Min. height 700 mm
    Max. height 1610 mm
    Transport length 620 mm
    Height adjustment Yes
    Base type Tripod
    Base material Zinc die-cast
    Interchangeable rings 3 x 15 mm, 3 x 20 mm
    Black ring pack included Yes
    Weight 2,18 kg