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Mastering and mixing professionals usually listen to music in ideal conditions in control rooms specifically designed for mastering and mixing. Studio monitors are either built into the wall or installed on expensive stands positioned just far enough away from studio furniture so that nobody can accidentally bump into them. In day-to-day life, however, most musicians, producers, podcasters, etc., put their monitors right on the table. Not because this is the best solution, but because there's not enough space available.

Even if you invest in a good table stand in this case, you still have to live with the fact that people might walk by or carelessly move the entire structure and destroy your optimum listening setup. Regular stands for studio monitors also need a lot of room on the table due to their lower base plate.

Gravity has tackled all these problems with the SP 3102TM. The studio monitor stand features a table clamp to securely and safely attach the structure to tables with tabletops no thicker than 100 mm. Just like other Gravity® products, it can be tightened using a sturdy and handy knob. In contrast to conventional table stands, which require a large base plate to not budge, SP 3102 TM's clamp base is only 10 × 7 cm and does not take up more space than a standard screen holder. The design of the studio monitor stands ensures that they do not stick too far out of the table. This ensures a greater distance between the listener and monitors even when tables aren't that deep, as well as the perfect speaker placement to find the sweet spot in the room.

Everything stays put with the SP 3102 TM thanks to its clamp that keeps the stand fixed in position. In addition, the SP 3102 TM is fully equipped to help you perfectly align the monitors into the listening position. The stand has clearly visible markings to adjust the height, rotation, and tilt. There's also EVA padding and an anti-tipping device to make sure your valuable monitors rest securely on the upper shelf, even when tilted up to 15°. You can now sit back and enjoy the sweet spot!

Item No.: GSP3102TM

  • Compact table clamp with 100 mm clamping range
  • Infinitely variable height adjustment
  • 360; rotatable
  • Up to +/- 15° tilt angle
  • EVA-padded surface
  • Anti-tipping protection for speakers


Product type Stands and Tripods
Type Speaker Stands
Tube material Steel
Tubing color Black
Tubing surface Powder-coated
Min. height 250 mm
Max. height 350 mm
Tilt angle +/- 15 °
Rotation 360°
Bearing surface 240 x 250 mm, EVA padded
Height adjustment Adjusting screw
Clamp base material Steel
Base edge length 100 x 70 mm
Clamping range up to 100 mm
Max load 25 kg
Interchangeable rings 1 x 15 mm, 2 x 30 mm
Black ring pack included Yes
Weight 2,7 kg