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Tours and events often operate under hard conditions and time pressures, and microphone stands are often thrown around and not treated gently.

Result: They break or locking screws get lost.

That's why Gravity® Touring series microphone stands are built to be extremely sturdy with especially strong steel tubing.

The boom mount of the Gravity® TMS 2222 short microphone stand is crafted from indestructible die-cast zinc and has an adjustment range of 51 to 88 cm.

The locking screw, which is unloosable, can be quickly and easily engaged with just a ¾ turn, ensuring the boom stays securely in place.

Height adjustment is just as easy and extremely quick via the easy-grip, triangular tightening sleeve.

Another standout feature of this microphone stand is its improved round base, which provides a stable and secure footing thanks to its weight and flat rubber feet.

Made for touring, the Gravity® TMS 2222 round base mic stand will stand with you on your gigs with its sturdy and long-lasting construction.

Item No.: GTMS2222

  • Ideal for rental companies and event organizers
  • Extremely robust steel construction
  • Improved base for an even more stable stand
  • Boom locks with just a 3/4 turn of the locking screw.
  • Height adjustment: 48 cm to 73 cm
  • Adjustable telescopic boom with a range of 51–88 cm
  • Large, easy-grip tightening sleeve for height adjustment



    Product type Stands and Tripods
    Type Microphone Stands
    Tube material Steel
    Tube color Black
    Tubing surface Powder-coated
    Min. height 480 mm
    Max. height 730 mm
    Transport length 550 mm
    Height adjustment Yes
    Base type Round base
    Base material Cast iron
    Base diameter 270 mm
    Base weight 3.6 kg
    Boom model 2-point adjustment
    Boom length 880 mm
    Weight 5,9 kg