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The white, LD Systems MAUI 5 GO is an ultra-portable, battery-operated column PA system that comprises a subwoofer cabinet and a three-section column. With a four-driver line-array design and an 8" subwoofer, the MAUI 5 GO delivers 800W of peak power with extended coverage and wide dispersion, ideal for street musicians or for speech and music reinforcement at private and corporate events. Powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion pack, it provides up to 30 hours of continuous performance on a full charge.

The four-channel mixer features a microphone input, a Hi-Z instrument input, an aux input, and a Bluetooth receiver for stereo audio streaming. The built-in proprietary LECC DSP processing digital signal, which offers multiband limiter, equalizer, compressor, and crossover functions, ensures optimum audio playback with maximum clarity while protecting the MAUI 5 GO from overload.

Lightweight (at 27 lb) and easy to transport, it assembles in seconds using custom, multi-pin connectors. The battery section uses the company's proprietary Quick-Swap technology for fast and easy replacement (even while the system is in operation), allowing you to perform without a time limit.

Key Features

  • All-in-one, portable PA system ideal for street musicians or for speech and music reinforcement at private and corporate events
  • For crowds of over 100 people
  • 200W RMS / 800W peak power
  • Four-piece design assembles in seconds with custom multi-pin connectors
  • High-capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with Quick-Swap technology provides up to 30 hours of continuous performance on a full charge
  • Lightweight (at 27 lb) and easy to transport
  • 8" subwoofer with bass-reflex cabinet
  • Line-array design with four drivers provides extended coverage with wide dispersion
  • Integrated 4-channel mixer provides separate volume controls for the input channels, sum, and subwoofer
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver
  • Microphone input with low-cut filter
  • Hi-Z instrument and aux line inputs
  • Proprietary LECC digital signal processing: multiband limiter, equalizer, compressor, crossover functions
  • Variable high-frequency boost at 100 Hz
  • Standby mode


  • Subwoofer with integrated electronics for all system components, including a charging module for charging the battery and a connection for the column sections on the top side
  • Battery section with integrated rechargeable battery, charging status display, and connections on the underside and top side
  • Spacer section with connections on the underside and top side
  • Speaker section with 4-driver line-array speaker and connector on the underside


  • Model: LDMAUI5GOW
  • Overall System
    • Color: White
    • Max. SPL (peak): 120 dB
    • Frequency response: 50 - 20000 Hz
    • Dispersion (H x V): 120° x 20°
    • Overall height: 1985mm
    • Weight: 12.9 kg
  • Battery
    • Rechargeable batteries: 29.6V / 5200 mAh
    • Battery manufacturer: LG Chem
    • Battery technology: Lithium-ion
    • Battery operation time at maximum load:
      • Live music: 10 h @ 104 dB
      • DJ mode: 6 h @ 120 dB
      • Lounge mode: 30 h @ 98 dB
    • Charging time:
    • Up to 80%: 2 hours
    • Up to 100%: 3 hours
  • Woofer characteristics
    • Low/mid driver dimensions: 8"
    • Woofer size: 203.2mm
    • Woofer magnet: Ferrite
    • Woofer brand: Custom-made
    • Woofer voice coil: 2"
    • Woofer voice coil (mm): 50.8mm
    • Cabinet construction: vented
    • Cabinet material: ABS plastic
    • Subwoofer Dimensions (W x H x D): 305 x 405 x 395mm
  • Mid/Hi System
    • Midrange size: 4 x 3"
    • Midrange size: 4 x 76.2mm
    • Midrange magnet: Neodymium
    • Midrange brand: Custom-made
    • Midrange voice coil: 1"
    • Midrange voice coil: 25.4mm
    • Mid/Hi system impedance: 4 Ohms
    • Loudspeaker inputs: 1
    • Speaker input connections: Custom-made multipin
    • Cabinet construction mid/high: Closed
    • Mid/Hi system cabinet material: ABS plastic
    • Mid/Hi system dimensions (W x H x D): 82 x 535 x 105mm
  • Amplifier module (integrated in subwoofer)
    • Amplifier type: Class D
    • Amplifier output system (RMS): 200 W
    • Amplifier output system (peak): 800 W
    • Protection circuits: Thermal overload, over-current, DSP-based multiband limiter, short circuit
    • Cooling: Convection
    • Operating voltage: Switching power supply, 200 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz (Automatic conversion), 100 V AC - 120 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
    • Line inputs: 2 x stereo
    • Line input connectors: 6.3 mm jack, XLR
    • Mic inputs: 6.3 mm jack, XLR
    • MP3 inputs: 1
    • MP3 input connectors: 3.5 mm jack
    • Hi-Z inputs: 1
    • Hi-Z input connectors: 6.3 mm jack
    • Loudspeaker outputs: 1
    • Speaker output connections: Custom-made multipin
  • DSP characteristics
    • Bit depth AD/DA converter: 24-bit / 24-bit
    • Internal sampling frequency: 48 kHz