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Technics SL-1210M5G Turntable - The Grandmaster Edition! 

Condition: MINT

Technics SL1210M5G Turntable with upgraded Mogami RCA Gold Cables, Internally grounded, and calibrated back to factory specs by authorized service center (ProAVRepairs.com).  

Due to the weight and the manner in which we pack this unit (double boxed), expect to pay a hefty price for shipping.  We will ship NATIONWIDE U.S.  This unit is HEAVY.  Or, local pick up at our shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

Sorry, CANNOT ship internationally.



If you're serious about spinning vinyl, the Technics SL-1210M5G turntable is for you. With a metallic-black finish and brushed-steel hardware, it looks as good as it sounds. Exclusive to the SL-1210M5G are a digital pitch control, improved tone arm for skip resistance, and adjustable electronic braking system.

The digital pitch control makes it easy to adjust pitch and keep it where you want it, and also consistent from turntable to turntable. You can easily change between +/-8 and +/-16 at the touch of a button, or reset the pitch to zero. The improved tone arm helps alleviate skipping, has a built-in antiskate adjustment, and is height adjustable making it ideal for scratching. You can also adjust the braking speed to make the SL-1210M5G stop as quickly or slowly as you need, and the high-torque motor makes for quick start ups (0.07 seconds from stop to full speed).

Other features include long-lasting, built-in blue LEDs to illuminate the pitch indicator and stylus. The stylus features Kick Cancel and Anti-Skip functions, and the pitch controller is easily replaceable. An arm-end scale makes for quick weight adjustments.