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Own a piece of broadcast and digital history with this excellent and RARE unit from Technics.  A TRUE Collectors Item!

The Technics SL-P1300 was designated as a Commercial Grade unit for use in Studio & Broadcast environments.  It was one of the first CD Players on the market with PITCH CONTROL and DIGITAL outputs.  


This unit was pulled from a Radio Station in Illinois.  Kept in a smoke free, studio environment.  We refurbished it to factory specs.


  • The only issue we have had with this unit is that the PLAY button sometimes sticks.  It works just fine, just have to press the PLAY button a little bit harder than normal.
  • This unit DOES NOT include the Remote.


  • This unit WILL NOT PLAY MP3s or CD-R/RW discs.  Due to it's age, this technology WAS NOT available in units at this time.


It doesn't get anymore authentic than this beast of a CD Player, built specifically for broadcast purposes.   One of the few CD Players with a pitch control, Balanced, and Digital Outputs.   Bear in mind because of the era this was manufactured, this WILL NOT play CD-R discs, but will play any and all professionally mastered CDs.   The PLAY button sticks at time, but nothing a little bit of Deoxit wont fix up.  Has been kept in a smoke free studio environment. 

The compact disk player which aimed at the improvement in high-quality-sound-izing and an operationality based on SL-P1200.

The L/R independent 4DAC stream composition is adopted as a D-A-conversion part. After using the digital analog converter only for the Masanobu number side, and the digital analog converter only for the negative signal side for Lch/Rch, respectively and carrying out the D-A conversion of each component individually,By compounding only a fraction with a sufficient linearity, the zero cross distortion used as big hindrance is theoretically suppressed to the play of the smile signal.
Furthermore, the noise component in the common mode is also offset by adopting a push-pull circuit.

The silence deglitch circuitry is adopted as the deglitch circuitry which removes the glitch noise produced at the time of the bit change of a digital analog converter. In this circuitry, it is fixing to a sample mode at the time of a minute signal of -12dB or less, and it has solved the problem of the remains change noise of the deglitch circuitry used as the hindrance of minute signal regeneration itself.

The oversampling digital filter is adopted as a digital filter 8 times.
In order to raise further the resolution of 4DACs and 18-bit conversion system, the 266th 8 time oversampling digital filter is adopted. By this, 4 times are gained with an Output voltage, one no less than 4 times the outstanding resolution of this is gained on the time base compared with the output wave of 16-bit double oversampling, and the quatization noise is reduced sharply.
Furthermore, the using of the 3rd passive low pass filter has realized the reduction of a high region spurious component, and the modification of delay characteristics.

The unvibrated design which the multilayer structure weight base etc. put into practice is performed.
To the oscillation by sound pressure, the multilayer structure weight base by the metals metal chassis, the special vibration suppression sheet, and the heterogeneous material of TNRC is adopted. And a cabinet is really [ firm / zinc die-casting ] made into a molding structure, and also the oscillation from a floor is supported with the double insulator stream composition of four large-sized insulators and optical decks.
Moreover, the floating of the power transformer used as the internal source of an oscillation is carried out.

The digital output carries two lines, a square-shaped optical connector and a 75-ohm coaxial. Moreover, the digital output ON/OFF termination is carried and the influence of a digital output can be intercepted at the time of an analog interconnection.

Analog output carries two imbalanced outputs (RCA-pin termination) and a balance output (canon termination). One line in an imbalanced output can carry out variable [ of the output ] via a fader, and the balance output can choose a fixture and variable by the change of a switchpoint.

In order to prevent noise mixing to an audio circuitry from other circuitry systems, the power transformer for exclusive use is carried in the audio system and the digital system. Furthermore, the cross interferencee in an audio circuitry is eliminated by considering Lch, Rch, and headphone amplifier as another coil stream composition.
Moreover, the low-noise active servo power supply is adopted as the power source for audio circuitries, and the stable powering and heavy bass play are realized.

A precise head search is possible by carrying 2 speed search dial and turning a dial by a fingertip.

The queue point standby functionality is carried and the memory of the head-search location can be carried out correctly.
If it is used combining a search dial and a fader start, the determine-verification-standby fader start of a head-search location and a series of operations can be performed easily.

The large-sized fader volume is carried, it constructs with two or more audio equipments by the interlock with a fader start, and fade-in and a fadeout are possible.

The locking functionality is carried, a pickup location can be locked per 1 track, and timing doubling can be performed.

Functionalities, such as Autocue, an A-B repeat, and a time specification head search, are carried.

The 9-figure function-logic-diagram multi-display is adopted as a display device.
The 4 modes (0.1 second bit) of the lapsed time under performance, residual time and the lapsed time of all songs (special-NetWare-program music), and residual time can be chosen and expressed as this display device.

Form Compact disk player
Audio part
The number of channels Two-channel stereo
Output voltage 2.5Vrms(EIAJ)
Frequency characteristic 2Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
Dynamic range 100dB or more (EIAJ)
SN ratio 115dB or more (EIAJ)
THD 0.0015% or less
THD 0.0009% or less
Channel separation 115dB or more
Wow and flutter Below a limit of measurement (EIAJ)
Low pass filter 266th 8fs digital filter
<Signal format>
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Error correcting system Technics super decoding algorithm
Composite-izing 16-bit linear line
Scheme FF-1 (fine Focus 1 beam)
Light source Semiconductor laser
Wavelength 780nm
Scheme High speed (high-speed) linear-access system
Headphone-output level 60mW/32 ohms (variable)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 23W
Dimensions Width 430x height 168x depth of 380mm
Weight 16kg
Adjunct: Wireless remote control
Functionality 27 keys
The Battery used AA -- Battery 1.5Vx2


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